My designer journey

Life as a designer so far has been as expected I have had offers or work I have refused and some I have taken but my main goal after uni was to enjoy & master the craft … I have enjoyed all work to date and aware i still need to master a lot.

As a designer I like various fabrics and arts. Sometimes I just like to customise clothing or reconstruct it or to have a messy day creating fabric prints or a design and create a bespoke design for order. I love all the challenges each method creates but ultimately just try to work with how I feel stay true to my emotions on the day embrace mistakes or taking risks or painfully trying to perfect a very small aspect of detail ..

I could never do this to chase fame and do not create clothing with money as the main motive I always just wanna enjoy what I do. From past experiences of turning passions to businesses this is a critical decision for me … to run my fashion business and not let the fashion business run me 🙂

A few words of thought as I was feeling to share this with anyone who wanted to read please feel free to leave comments